Stretch Band 0.7mm transparent 5m Stretch Magic Elastic Cord

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Five meters of transparent stretch cord by Stretch Magic, 0.7mm thick, for quickly creating elastic bead bracelets.

A spool of 5 meters of transparent stretch cord. The stretch cord works like a rubber band and is great for stretchy jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and children's jewelry.

It is very durable and easy to handle. After stringing all the beads, simply tie a few knots (pull tight so the knots stay in place), cut off the excess cords, and hide the knot in a bead with a particularly large hole.

Instructions for tying the knot can be found on the back of the packaging.

The stretch cord is great for quickly made jewelry pieces. Its easy handling also makes it particularly suitable for jewelry beginners.


Thickness: 0.7mm
Length: 5 meters
Color: Transparent