Ceramic cylinder lilac 6mm 100 pieces round purple ceramic beads small spacer beads

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One hundred ceramic beads in cylindrical shape in matte lilac, 6mm in size.

A ceramic cylinder is approximately 6mm in size and 4.3mm thick. The size may vary slightly. The stringing hole has a diameter of approximately 2.7mm. The one hundred ceramic beads strung together result in a length of approximately 40cm.

For these ceramic beads, a 2mm diameter leather cord is optimal. You can find leather cords in many great colors in our shop.

Ceramic beads are very easy to work with. After stringing the ceramic beads onto the leather cord and trimming the excess ends, you can either attach cord ends for leather cord to the ends (you may apply glue to the leather cord before attaching the cord ends, then press together). The cord ends have a ring, to which jump rings and finally a lobster clasp or toggle clasp, etc. can be attached.
The second option is jewelry clasps for gluing. After cutting the leather cord, apply glue to the end of the cord and attach the clasp. This is the fastest method to finish the necklace, and you only need jewelry glue, no tools are required.

The ceramic beads are manufactured in the E.U.

Please note:
The ceramic beads may vary slightly in shape and color. This is not a quality defect.


Dimensions: approx. 6mm x 4mm (per piece)
Weight: approx. 5 grams
Quantity: 100-110 pieces
Color: Matte lilac
Shape: Cylinder, Tube
Number of stringing holes: 1
Hole size: approx. 2.7mm

Material: Ceramic