Ceramic tubes pink enamel 10mm 10 pcs ceramic beads long beads

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Ten tube beads made of ceramic with pink enamel coating, 10mm long, slightly shiny.

A ceramic tube bead is approx. 10mm long and approx. 6mm thick. The size varies slightly. The cord hole has a diameter of approx. 2.7mm. These ceramic beads have a pink enamel coating and a slight sheen. You can see the white ceramic around the cord hole.

These ceramic beads are great for bracelets. Suitable for this are either leather straps with a thickness of 2mm or, for more flexible bracelets in the Shamballa style, braided nylon cord with a thickness of 1.5mm. You can find both in our shop.

The ceramic beads are made in the EU.

Please note:

The ceramic beads may vary slightly in shape and colour. This is not a quality defect.


Dimensions:approx. 10mm x 6mm (per piece)

Weight:about 2 grams

Quantity:10 pieces


Shape:Short tube

Number of cord holes:1

Hole size:about 2.7mm

Material:ceramic with enamel coating