Ceramic tubes mint green 28mm 10 pieces curved ceramic bead tubes

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Ten ceramic beads in curved tube shape, mint green matt, 28mm long.

A ceramic tube is about 28mm long and 6mm thick. The size varies slightly. The cord hole has a diameter of approx. 2.7mm. The ceramic tubes have the same thickness as the 6mm ceramic cylinders and are great to combine with them.

Leather cord with a diameter of 2mm is ideal for these ceramic beads. You can find leather straps in many great colors in our shop.

Ceramic beads are very easy to process. Either you put end caps for leather cord on the ends after you have pulled the ceramic beads onto the leather cord and cut off the protruding ends (before putting on the end caps, put glue on the leather cord if necessary, then press together). There is a ring on the end caps which can then be used to attach split rings and finally a lobster clasp or toggle clasp etc.
The second variant is decorative clasps for gluing. After shortening the leather strap, glue is applied to the end of the strap and the clasp is put on. This is the quickest way to complete the chain and requires no tools other than jewelry glue.

The ceramic beads are made in the EU.

Please note:
The ceramic beads may vary slightly in shape and colour. This is not a quality defect.

Size/Dimensions/Weight Dimensions:approx. 28mm x 6mm (per piece)
Weight:about 10 grams
Quantity:10 pieces
Colour:matt mint green
Shape:tube, tube
Number of cord holes:1
Hole size:about 2.7mm