Tagua triangles aqua 10 pieces 8 mm irregular small tagua beads 8 mm spacer beads

Type: Square beads
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Ten small tagua triangles in aqua, 8mm in size.

We call them triangles, but they are actually more like pieces of tagua that come in different shapes. Sometimes triangles and sometimes a little rounder. The shape of the tagua triangles is as unpredictable as is typical for a natural product. The charm then unfolds in jewelry, as they make each piece unique.

The tagua triangles are approximately 8mm x 10mm in size and approximately 5mm thick. The cord hole has a diameter of approximately 1.8mm. The tagua triangles with the lighter colors also clearly show the grain typical of the tagua nut.

Tagua triangles are absolute basics in tagua jewelry. They can be combined well with large shapes and also turn a necklace or bracelet into a casual and playful piece of jewelry.

Please note:
Tagua or stone nut is a natural product that is cut into slices, lenses, beads, rings, etc. after drying before being dyed. The individual pieces may have cracks, grains, brown shell residue, etc. These are not defects. These characteristics are intentional and make up the very special design of Tagua products. Each individual piece is cut, drilled and dyed by hand. No two pieces are the same.
The products made from tagua, such as pearls, are relatively heavy and feel cool to the touch (that is the nature of the stone). Because of its beautiful white fruit, tagua is also known as plant ivory. Thanks to their cool, smooth feel and beautiful shapes, tagua products can be made into extraordinary and luxurious jewelry.


Dimensions: approx. 8mm x 10mm x 5mm
Weight: approx. 4 grams
Quantity: 10 pieces
Color: Aqua
Shape: triangle (also rectangle and lens shape)
Number of cord holes: 1
Hole size: approx. 1.8mm


Tagua (stone nut)