Tagua nut turquoise flattened on both sides 42mm 1 piece Tagua pearl pearl large pendant

Type: Tagua nuts

Beautiful tagua nut in turquoise with two flattened sides.

The rim around the tagua nut is still made of the original shell. The cord hole channel runs through the tip of the nut and has a diameter of approx. 2.5mm. The length of the nut is approx. 42mm, the width approx. 30mm and the thickness approx. 25mm. The size and shape of the nuts can vary.

This great tagua nut can be worn either casually on a leather strap or stylishly on a jewelry wire. In both cases, it is a very striking and unusual piece of jewelry that catches the eye not only because of its size, but also because of its color, shape and shine.

The nut with a hole through the tip has another hole at the tip between the two holes for the band. The stalk of the tagua nut has been removed there. This is either a hole or a dead stalk. This can look a bit unsightly but it is natural. If you don't want any additional holes, you can use the tagua nuts that are flattened on both sides with a hole through the entire length; in this case the stalk hole was used as a cord hole.

Please note:

Tagua or stone nut is a natural product that is dried and then cut into slices, lenses, beads, rings, etc. before being dyed. The individual pieces may have cracks, grains, brown shell residue, etc. These are not defects. These characteristics are intentional and make up the very special design of Tagua products. Each individual piece is cut, drilled and dyed by hand. No two pieces are the same.

The products made from tagua, such as pearls, are relatively heavy and feel cool to the touch (that is the nature of the stone). Because of its beautiful white fruit, tagua is also known as plant ivory. Thanks to their cool, smooth feel and beautiful shapes, tagua products can be made into extraordinary and luxurious jewelry.



Dimensions: approx. 42mm x 30mm x 25mm

Weight: approx. 22 grams (per piece)

Quantity: 1 piece

Color turquoise

Shape: Nut flat (two flattened sides)

Number of cord holes: 1

Hole size: approx. 2.5mm

Cord hole channel goes through the tip of the nut

Material: Tagua (stone nut)