Tagua disc ring blue 40mm tagua bead pendant

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A blue tagua pendant in the shape of a ring.

The pendant is approx. 40mm long, 30mm wide and 5mm thick. The tagua pendant varies in size and shape. The pendant was cut from a tagua nut slice and provided with a hole. At the edge of the surface you can see the remains of the shell, which was also colored and gives the tagua pendant its unusual appearance. The back of the pendant is light (=colored, but without shell) and smooth. The pendant has the shape of a teardrop with a round hole in the middle. The hole has a diameter of approx. 15mm. The tagua pendant has a cord hole with a diameter of approx. 2.2mm where the teardrop shape converges slightly at the top.

Please note:
The tagua or stone nut is a natural product that, after drying, is cut into slices, lentils, beads, rings, etc. before it is then colored. The individual parts may have cracks, grains, brown remains of shells, etc. These are not errors. These characteristics are wanted and make up the very special design of the Tagua products. All tagua products are cut, drilled and colored by hand. No part is like the other.
Tagua products, such as pearls, are relatively heavy and cool to the touch (this is the stone character). Because of its beautiful white fruit, the tagua is also known as plant ivory. With their cool, smooth feel and their beautiful shapes, the Tagua products can be processed into extraordinary and luxurious jewellery.


Dimensions: approx. 40mm x 30mm x 5mm (per piece)
Weight: approx. 4 grams
Quantity: 1 piece
Colour blue
Shape: teardrop shape with hole
Number of cord holes: 1
Hole size: about 2.2mm


Tagua (corozo nut)