Tagua chips purple 5 pieces 38mm tagua beads two holes

Type: Discs
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Five purple tagua chips approx. 38mm long and approx. 28mm wide.

Tagua chips are particularly thin (approx. 1.5mm), some are very smooth and some are wavy. They have the shape of an elongated oval and at the end of each long side there are two cord holes of approx. 1.8mm. The size, shape and thickness of the chips vary.

Tagua chips can be used to make large pendants by connecting the chips with jump rings or ribbons and arranging the chips in one or even two rows. Very pretty are thin black velvet or satin ribbons with which you close the chain in the neck.

Please note:The tagua or corozo is a natural product that, after drying, is cut into slices, lentils, beads, rings, etc. before it is then colored. The individual parts may have cracks, grains, brown remains of shells, etc. These are not errors. These characteristics are wanted and make up the very special design of the Tagua products. Every single piece is cut, drilled and colored by hand. No two parts are the same. Products made from the Tagua, such as pearls, are relatively heavy and feel cool (that's the stone character). Because of its beautiful white fruit, the tagua is also known as plant ivory. With their cool, smooth feel and their beautiful shapes, the Tagua products can be processed into extraordinary and luxurious jewellery.


Dimensions:approx. 38mm x 28mm x 1.5mm

Weight:approx. 9 grams

Quantity:5 pieces

Color Purple

Shape:elongated oval

Number of cord holes:2

Hole size:about 1.8mm

String holes are at the ends of the chips

Material:Tagua (Corozo nut)